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Oil and Gas Sampling Solutions

Petroleum operations supply much of the world's energy. This means that it’s critical to run your operations safely and efficiently with controlled, real-time data from reliable oil and gas sampling equipment. At Sentry Equipment, we provide oil and gas sampling solutions that can withstand the rigors of upstream oil and gas environments. Our rugged solutions provide the best in representative sampling, corrosion monitoring, and mitigation to help you maintain seamless and safe operations.

Oil & Gas

Rapid response with world-class expertise – Located in Houston, the Sentry Process Monitoring Tech Center delivers oil and gas sampling and monitoring solutions that are expertly designed, manufactured, and serviced to quickly meet the demands of the toughest environments.

Ensure pipeline integrity – Our Sentry Saf-T-Vise portfolio offers highly integrated corrosion monitoring and chemical optimization products that have been thoroughly tested to perform consistently and repeatedly in rigorous oil and gas extraction, refining, processing, and pipeline environments.

Custody transfer with confidence – Our new Sentry ISOLOK API sampling suite is specifically designed for hydrocarbon custody transfers as well as condensates.

Want to know more?

Download our Guide to Representative Sampling to see how representative sampling can help your operation.  

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