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Beginner's Guide to Pipeline Corrosion Mitigation

Beginner's Guide to Pipeline Corrosion Mitigation

Maximize production and alleviate material failure with internal pipeline corrosion monitoring and mitigation.

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Corrosion Monitoring and Chemical Optimization

Providing a safe and easy method of accessing pressurized process system for corrosion monitoring, chemical injection or sample extraction is an important operational consideration in upstream and midstream processes. Sentry Safe-T-Vise™ solutions provide simple-to-use, proven retractable devices that enable users to monitor corrosion, inject chemicals or extract samples easily and effectively. The patented design ensures a high level of user safety, while requiring a smaller crew and less time to operate.

Process Monitoring Tech Center (PMTC)

Find extensive application and service expertise along with hands-on training in our center of excellence based in Houston. The team is dedicated to supporting upstream & midstream customers locally and around the world.

5285 Schurmier Rd.
Houston, TX 77048

Phone: 713-645-2106

ProShield Lifecycle Services

From installation, upgrades and routine maintenance to spare parts and troubleshooting support, we confidently keep your sampling equipment running in any process environment.

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The Safest Choice Under Pressure

Sentry Saf-T-Vise insertion tools are used to place and retrieve corrosion coupon holders, injection & sample quills, or chemical injection nozzles & atomizers into high-pressure applications without interruption of the system. These tools are easily operated by one person and designed to make insertion and retraction under pressure safe, easy and quick.

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Sample Cooling

Sample coolers and heat exchangers cool or heat process stream samples so they are in the best condition to be analyzed by offline or in-line process instrumentation. Our sample cooler and heat exchanger lines can meet any plant application for water, steam, gases and hydrocarbons, including volatile hydrocarbon samples exceeding 500°F (260°C).

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Upstream/Midstream Corrosion Monitoring and Chemical Optimization Solutions

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