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Sample Sentry II

The Sentry Sample Sentry II is designed to meet requirements for representative sampling by maintaining a constant flow rate with varying inlet conditions. EPRI-sponsored research and plant chemistry experts agree on the need for sampling at a constant velocity of 5–6 feet per second (1.5–.8 meters per second) for water samples with varying source pressures. Automated flow control is the only way to obtain constant sample flow regardless of source pressure.

The Sample Sentry II, a patented automated sample conditioning module for remote or centralized sampling, has been designed to meet today’s requirements for representative sampling by maintaining a constant flow rate despite varying conditions and employs industry-proven Sentry conditioning components.

Digital control and display with alarm and shutoff capability improves operator safety and protects analyzers against over-temperature and pressure conditions. “Smart” sample modules with network communications for remote computer display and control:

  • make remote sampling possible
  • allow for unattended sampling
  • simplify data acquisition or interface with DCS


  • Fully automated sample conditioning system provides automatic startup (including blowdown), flow control, and shutdown
  • Improves sample accuracy
  • Offers better chemistry control
  • Lengthens analyzer cell life
  • Self-cleaning
  • Increases operator efficiency
  • Automatic blowdown operation reduces buildup and improves sample representativity
  • Meets sampling guidelines recommended by EPRI (Report #CS-5164, ASME PTC 19.11, ASTM D5540, VGB Guidelines)
More Information
Ambient Temperature 32°–122°F (0°–50°C); RH 95% max. non-condensing at 104°F (40°C)
Display graphical vacuum fluorescent display
Flow Control 0–3400 cc per minute, ± 5% of full scale
Input Power 100–240 Vac, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz
Instrument Air Required 80–120 psi (5.5–8.3 bar); air consumption <0.2 scfm (<0.34 scmh)
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