Sentry Manifold Switching Valve

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Configure Your Manifold Switching Valve
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Manifold Switching Valve

Manifold sample valve assures continuously flowing, contemporary samples in conjunction with the Sentry Sample Sequencer 5. The unique manifold design provides flow in two directions from the open valve, eliminating dead legs and minimizing purge time following stream switching. Sample cross contamination is prevented by using 3-way solenoid valves which separate the drains.

To assure a representative sample from every line, all samples flow continuously, whether in or out of sequence. Normally the common sample port is closed and the sample goes through the drain port. When a solenoid coil is energized, that particular sample goes through the common port and exits to the analyzer.

The manifold design provides flow in both directions from the open valve. This eliminates dead legs, assures complete purging of the old sample, and minimizes purge time between samples. Additionally, sample integrity is maintained with a block and bleed feature on each valve that prevents any possibility of cross-flow contamination.


  • Compact valve modules are available in 24-240 VAC and 12-125 VDC
  • Continuous sample flow on all lines ensures fresh samples at all times
  • Patented sample block eliminates all dead legs
  • Standard module holds up to 4 points; multiple modules available
  • 1/8" and 1/4" valves available
More Information
Input Power 12 Vdc
Wetted Materials 300 series stainless steel; Viton elastomers
Process Pressure 1/8" Valve Manifold: 60 psig (4 barg)
1/4" Valve Manifold: 100 psig (6.9 barg)
Process Temperature 1/8" Valve Manifold: max 130°F (54°C)
1/4" Valve Manifold: 0°F to 150°F (-18°C to 65°C)
Ambient Temperature 1/8" Valve Manifold: max 120°F (49°C)
1/4" Valve Manifold: 0°F to 104°F (-18°C to 40°C)
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