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Sentry Flo-Lenz Sight Flow Indicator

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Sentry Flo-Lenz
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The Sentry Flo-Lenz sight flow indicator allows operators to confirm that a sample stream is flowing as specified through a process, without disrupting the process or flow. Sight flow indicators provide a safe way for operators to visually monitor high pressure and/or high temperature closed-loop sampling processes. These sight flow indicators are safety tested to 150% of the rated pressure to assure safe, dependable service.

The Flo-Lenz sight flow indicator has threaded process connections, two viewing windows, and a body of 316 stainless steel. Through double windows, one on the front and one on the side, a Teflon ball is visible at a flow rate beginning at approximately 50 cc/min. The operator can flash light through the side window to watch the flow.

The Flo-Lenz sight flow indicator can be used for hydrocarbon and water-based liquids.


  • Hydrostatically tested to 150% of rated pressure
  • One-piece 316 stainless steel body construction
  • Sight glasses allow observation of flow characteristics
  • Includes dual windows for illumination of float ball
More Information
Flow Indicator PFTE float ball
Process Connections 3/8 in FNTP
Max Process Pressure 2000 psig (138 barg)
Process Temperature -20°F to 400°F (-29°C to 205°C)
Particle Size 0.06 in
Wetted Materials 316/316L SS body, PTFE float ball, soda lime silica glass sight glass
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