Sentry Equipment Grows Opportunities for Employee-Owners

OCONOMOWOC, WI (Aug 31, 2022) – One of Sentry Equipment's most significant assets is its employee owners. Retaining these employees has contributed to their growth, success, and higher-than-average employee tenure. With an average tenure of 7 years compared to the industry rate of 4, Sentry's employee-owners have found many ways to continue contributing, regardless of career interests. As these interests change, Sentry is willing to adapt with its employee-owners.

By offering employees the chance to explore different opportunities within the company, they have the freedom to discover strengths, increase engagement, and gain new knowledge. Feeling like you're not satisfied and are not making a difference in the company is never something Sentry Equipment wants you to feel. However, sometimes it does happen.

Before exploring other opportunities, an employee at Sentry Equipment said, “I did not feel satisfied with my job and what I was doing.” He thought he was in a repetitive position and wanted to explore something new. He spoke with his supervisor and started playing around with positions that he felt his degree prepared him for and his interests. A couple of months later, he finally transitioned into engineering and is still at Sentry Equipment, happy that he could stay in this culture and environment.

Another one of Sentry's employee-owners chose to pursue a job change towards creative endeavors as he went back to school for graphic design. Sentry Equipment facilitated this change by reimbursing 60% of his schooling and creating an intern position so he could learn from the marketing team. His true goal was not to leave but to learn. Now, he is Sentry's first full-time graphic designer and was able to stay within this ESOP and work culture.

The culture and environment at Sentry Equipment are something these employee-owners continue to enjoy. One employee stated, “The ability to grow in Sentry Equipment exists in a way that the employee wants, not primarily the companies.” 

This process heavily involves cooperation across the company, including supervisors, managers, and HR. However, all are happy to help and want everyone to succeed. Their participation allows new knowledge to pour into their departments, relationships to flourish, and teams to gain cross-functional skills. 

Sentry Equipment's goal is to break down silos and have different departments understand each other's impact and processes. “Through voicing your feelings and opinions, we live our values of honesty, integrity, trust, and respect. And we will continue to come with open ears and do anything to help find the right path for each employee-owner.” 

About Sentry Equipment

Sentry Equipment leverages proven abilities in engineering and manufacturing to safeguard people and processes for a better world. We help customers sample, monitor, and measure their operations in various markets and applications worldwide. Since 1924, Sentry Equipment has been a dependable partner for operational and analytical professionals in the U.S. and global markets. As a 100% employee-owned company headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, with a manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, its 180 employee-owners serve customers in over fifty countries across six continents. For more information, please visit

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