Sentry Equipment Acquires SmartSkim

OCONOMOWOC, WI (May 17, 2022) – Sentry Equipment, a global provider of representative sampling, analysis technologies, and service, is pleased to announce the acquisition Universal Separators, Inc. dba SmartSkim, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

SmartSkim is a leader in oil separation and coolant recycling in industrial settings with core products including separators and skimmers, which remove non-emulsified oil and floating debris from metal working liquids. Their customers include some of the most recognizable names in the automotive, aerospace, equipment, heavy industrial, and firearms industries. SmartSkim focuses on applications from machining coolant recycling, parts washing, heat-treating, sump cleaning, magnetic separation, and quench oil filtration.

“Our SmartSkim brand is the global leader in providing equipment solutions for the filtering and recycling of a variety of industrial fluids, including cutting fluids (CNC coolants), pre-treatment solutions (cleaners), wastewater and other high-volume fluids that are found within manufacturing facilities,” said Mark Kluis, CEO of Universal Separators, Inc. “With Sentry Equipment’s engineering capabilities, expanded manufacturing facilities, and vast sales and support staff, SmartSkim is now poised for both a rapid and significant expansion. Currently the SmartSkim branded equipment can be found in over 20 countries worldwide. We expect that to significantly grow over time as a member of the Sentry Equipment family.” 

“For nearly 100 years Sentry Equipment has built its reputation on delivering products and services that provide business operations with optimized process control and product quality.” Said Brian Baker, President, and CEO of Sentry Equipment. “With the acquisition of SmartSkim we will not only be able to continue to provide the high level of customer service that SmartSkim’s customers have come to expect. This will be a natural evolution for our products and services across the Sentry brand.”

Sentry Equipment will be contacting current SmartSkim customers to establish a working relationship, provide assistance during this transition, and assist with any specific product or service needs.

While Sentry’s acquisition of SmartSkim is the company’s first in the fluid recycling space, the products, and accessories that are manufactured are not all that different from the cooling products that Sentry has been manufacturing since the company’s inception.

Sentry looks forward to continuing to expand its support of businesses throughout a wide array of industries by improving process quality while mitigating risk in a variety of business processes.

“Manufacturing is booming in North America as makers of industrial goods re-shore production to tighten overstretched supply chains and take advantage of the USA’s relatively low energy costs and access to technology.” Added Baker. “SmartSkim is well poised for growth by playing into this opportunity. This acquisition brings a robust product offering in solid and growing industries.” 

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