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Optimize your power generation

You’re under pressure like never before. To meet rising demands. Maintain regulatory compliance. Leverage cheaper, cleaner and plentiful fuel sources. Cut costs without impacting quality and reliability. All so you can deliver cost-efficient, safe and reliable electricity in communities throughout the world.

How can you do it? With Sentry power generation steam and water sampling and analysis products and services, you can safely manage everything from sample conditioning and corrosion control to water chemistry and waste disposal. 

Optimize water chemistry – Get the real-time data and critical insights you need to control and optimize water chemistry with our steam & water analysis systems.

Steam & Water Chemistry

Ensure safety – Monitor and measure steam and water chemistry to ensure the safety and protection of your nuclear plant operators and equipment with our nuclear water chemistry cycle management solutions.

Meet standards – Monitor fly ash for loss on ignition (LOI) or chemical composition for resale with our solid and powder samplers.

Get everything you need – Access our comprehensive portfolio of sample conditioning components and analytical accessories.

Stay up and running – Maintain water and steam purity, keep corrosion under control, and ensure compliance with wastewater disposal regulations with our ProShield Lifecycle Services.

Want to know more?

Download our Guide to Representative Sampling to see how representative sampling can help your operation.  

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