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When Sampling, Safety Comes First

Much of the world's energy comes from the petroleum industry. Especially in this industry, it is critical that operations are run safely and efficiently with controlled, real-time data. Refining and petrochemical plants often are large operations where health and safety is of upmost importance. You need a partner to provide full solutions of rugged, reliable products supported by service to maintain safety and uptime. 

Sentry representative sampling equipment is specifically designed for chemical, petrochemical and refining plants to keep your people safe while minimizing quality assurance concerns. 

Chemical & Petrochemical

Rapid response with world-class expertise – Located in Houston, the Sentry Process Monitoring Tech Center delivers process sampling and monitoring solutions that are expertly designed, manufactured and serviced to quickly meet the demands of rugged environments.

Ensure safety – Take operators out of harm’s way, isolating them from contact with high pressures, temperatures and volatile liquid and gases to maintain their safety. Our low-emission manual samplers are ideal for sampling liquids and gases without exposure to the operator.

Routine maintenance and safety - keep sampling panels installed throughout your plant safe to operate with routine service by expert technicians with a flawless safety record. 

Want to know more?

Download our Guide to Representative Sampling to see how representative sampling can help your operation.  

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