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Hydrocarbon & Petrochemical Sampling Solutions

Running an efficient Hydrocarbon Processing plant requires real-time data analysis. Gleaning critical insights from your petrochemical, refinery, power generation and corrosion monitoring solutions are essential to product quality, safety and operational processes. Our team is dedicated to supporting your hydrocarbon processing operations through our highly skilled technical services and products.

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ProShield Lifecycle Services

Sentry ProShield Lifecycle Services

Safety. Reliability. Performance.

From installation, upgrades and routine maintenance to spare parts and troubleshooting support, we confidently keep your sampling equipment running in any process environment.

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Maintain Accurate Steam and Water Sampling

Maintain Accurate Steam and Water Sampling

A well-designed steam and water sampling system can give you the critical insights you need to monitor quality, power production and identify potential problems in your Hydrocarbon plant. Obtaining accurate and repeatable samples ensures this system remains that way.

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Sentry Cobra SS Liquid Sampler & HTHV High-Viscosity Sampler Product Animations

Sentry Cobra Sampler Product Animations

Problems with traditional approaches to manual sampling in hydrocarbon processing can lead to unrepresentative samples, sample panel maintenance issues and potentially unsafe conditions for operators. Through low-emission sampling, you ensure accurate and safe procurement of samples every time.

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Downstream Sampling and Corrosion Mitigation Solutions

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