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Waters Equipment W9 Sample Cooler

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The Waters Equipment W9000 Series sample coolers are designed for small volume hot water samples. The efficient counterflow design provides cooling for samples up to 750°F (399°C) and 3500 psig (241.3 barg), and the simplicity provides maximum cooling at minimal cost. With a compact design, simple installation and high quality materials, the W9000 Series sample coolers are the best low capacity option for small volume hot water samplers of water or other liquids.

The Waters Equipment W9150 Series and Waters Equipment W9250 Series sample coolers are full counterflow heat exchangers designed for use with high temperature/high pressure boiler water and steam analysis systems. Due to their compact size and extremely high heat transfer properties, these sample coolers are ideal for use in centralized sampling systems or as stand-alone coolers for point-of-use applications.

The Waters Equipment W9150 and W9250 series will be discontinued effective June 1, 2018. Click here to view our suggested replacement. Learn More.


  • All wetted parts are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion and ensure years of service at 100% duty cycle; Inconel coil model available for greater corrosion resistance
  • Forced counterflow ensures maximum thermal efficiency
  • Simple installation with convenient mounting bracket provided
  • Compact design provides for maximum heat transfer in a minimal space: only 17-1⁄4 in. high x 2-5⁄8 in. O.D.
  • All-welded design assures gasket leaks are eliminated
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Standards Waters Equipment
Shell Material 304 SS
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