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Waters Equipment W7100 Magnetic Trap

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This product will be discontinued effective June 1, 2018. Click here to view our suggested replacement. Learn More.

Magnetite particles can cause huge problems within a sampling system by jamming and plugging components. The Waters Equipment W7100 magnetic trap isolates magnetite particulates to protect sample conditioning and analytical instruments from critical downtime and costly repairs. The magnetic trap uses high strength neodymium magnets in its core to attract and capture the magnetite before it can cause damage to equipment.

While conventional filters trap all particulates and choke off sample flow as the filtering media becomes plugged with contaminants, the W7100 magnetic trap captures only entrained oxide particulate and lets the remaining particulates pass, protecting conditioning equipment while maintaining sample integrity.


  • Designed specifically for the extreme conditions of power plants
  • NEVER plugs
  • Is purged of particle collection in place, requiring no tools or disassembly and preventing the introduction of O2 into the sample stream
  • Available as a stand-alone trap or as a complete valve assembly
  • Hydrotested for simple field retrofit or new panel installation
  • Designed for installation after primary cooling and pressure reduction
More Information
Flow Rate 1200 cc/min
Wetted Materials 316 SS, acetal, polycarbonate, Buna-N, glass-filled polypropylene
Maximum Process Pressure 100 psig at 175°F (6.9 barg at 79°C)
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