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Waters Equipment W3000 Grab Sample Station

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Waters W3000 Grab Sample Station

Waters Model W3000 Grab Sample Stations are ideal for conditioning and collection of industrial type boiler water samples. These units contain a sample cooler and all accessories required to properly control cooling water and sample flows.

The W3000 grab sample station's cooling water pressure gauge and sample flow indicator allow optimum control of both flows to extend cooler life and eliminate overheating of the sample and cooler. With the stainless steel sample sink, cleaning and housekeeping are simplified – the corrosion-resistant sink holds grab sample bottles and routes unused sample continuously to the drain.

Only four connections – cooling water, sample and drain – are required for complete installation. And the all stainless steel construction is rugged and durable, resisting corrosion.


  • Grab sample stations are pre-packaged and include: A Waters Equipment W9000 sample cooler, cooling water pressure gauge, sample shut-off valve, sample pressure reducer, and sample flow indicator
  • Compact design at 10 inches wide by 22 inches high
More Information
Module Type Sample Conditioning
Max Process Pressure 1000 psig (69 barg)
Process Temperature 450°F (232°C)
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