The heart and soul of our company

When explaining what Sentry Equipment does, it's tempting to just say "Sentry Equipment makes sampling equipment". But that’s not the fundamental reason we exist.

The real reason why Sentry Equipment exists is to safeguard people and processes for a better world.

  • Sentry Equipment helps power plants safeguard their equipment so we have a reliable power supply and the lights stay on.
  • Oil refineries rely on Sentry products to protect their employees so they won’t get hurt by high pressure, high temperatures or toxic chemicals.
  • Food plants use Sentry products to make sure our food supply is safe.

Watch our brief, new video that captures the “why” of Sentry Equipment and how we’re able to make the world better… and how it's all thanks to you: our customers, our team of "A" Player employee-owners, our representatives, and our partners.

Every employee an owner, every customer a commitment

No matter how great your people are and how well your products perform, a business is nothing without defined values that inspire you every day. Our motto is, “Every employee an owner, and every customer a commitment.” Our core values help us live up to that motto every day so our customers always get the best from our team.

Honesty, Integrity, Trust & Respect

These are the cornerstones of Sentry and our ESOP ownership. We trust and respect each other – even when we disagree. Our integrity is important to us; we do not compromise it. We believe in doing the right thing.

Positive Environment

We believe the glass is half full and being filled. There are always opportunities to grow and learn. We believe in taking initiative, being challenged and giving 100%.


We believe in being fair and generous to ourselves as owners and employees, our customers and our suppliers.

Customer Driven

We try to make the impossible possible for our customers. We always give the customer extra value – the best we can do. It’s easier to keep an existing customer than to find a new one.

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