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The Sentry W9000 Series sample coolers are designed for small volume hot water samples. The efficient counterflow design provides cooling for samples up to 750°F (399°C) and 3500 psig (241.3 barg), and the simplicity provides maximum cooling at minimal cost. With a compact design, simple installation and high quality materials, the W9000 Series sample coolers are the best low capacity option for small volume hot water samplers of water or other liquids.


  • All wetted parts are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion and ensure years of service at 100% duty cycle; Inconel coil model available for greater corrosion resistance
  • Forced counterflow ensures maximum thermal efficiency
  • Simple installation with convenient mounting bracket provided
  • Compact design provides for maximum heat transfer in a minimal space: only 17-1⁄4 in. high x 2-5⁄8 in. O.D.
  • All-welded design assures gasket leaks are eliminated
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Standards Sentry
Tube Diameter 1/4 in OD
Shell Material 304 SS
Shell Pressure 300 psig at 250°F (21 barg at 121°C)
Tube Pressure 3500 psig at 750°F (241 barg at 399°C)
Process Connections 1/4 in OD Tube
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