Sentry W7900 Refillable Resin Column

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Configure Your W7900 Resin Column
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Sentry W7900 refillable resin columns are a low-cost alternative to disposable ion exchange cartridges. An optional auto shut-off quick disconnect kit with 1/4-inch ID tube connections provides isolation during resin replacement.

Options include three different sizes to interchange with the most popular sized disposable cartridges. Each resin column includes an initial charge of pre-measured color-indicating hydrogen-form cation resin.


  • Optional quick disconnect kit isolates column from source in either up or down flow direction
  • Corrosion-resistant mounting clamps included with W7901x models
  • Slender design ensures plug-free flow and reduces channeling
More Information
Process Temperature 125°F (52°C)
Maximum Process Pressure W7901, W9702: 100 psig at 125°F (6.9 barg at 51.7°C); W9703: 10 psig at 125°F (0.69 barg at 51.7°C)
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