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Sentry W5000 Multi-Stream Sample Sequencer

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W5000 Multi-Stream Sample Sequencer

The Sentry W5000 multi-stream sequencer is used to share analyzers among multiple sample streams for cost efficiency and to minimize space needed within the installation area or sample conditioning panel. The W5000 can accommodate up to eight incoming sample streams and can be used with up to four analyzers, operating in both continuous and batch mode.

The W5000, with its rugged design and IP 65 enclosure, is designed specifically for use in power plants and offer features not normally available in other commercially available sequencers. Sequences up to four analyzers and eight sample streams for efficient and cost-effective operation.

Power supply sold seperately.


  • Two operating modes – batch and continuous – allow the W5000 to be used with batch or continuously measuring type analyzers
  • Stream bypass allows any stream or combination of streams to be bypassed
  • Convenient, intuitive touch screen operator interface allows ease of use and simplified configuration and operation
  • Microprocessor based, the W5000 communicates digitally via TCP/IP Ethernet connection with embedded security protocols
  • Modbus TCP/IP capability allows for remote monitoring
  • Removable storage device allows external analysis of data retrieved from the sequencer’s built-in data logger
More Information
Enclosure Rating IP 65
Maximum Number of Analyzers 4
Input Power 12 Vdc, 5 A maximum
Maximum Number of Samples 8
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