Sentry Sample Sequencer 5

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Configure Your Sample Sequencer 5
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Sample Sequencer 5

The Sentry Sample Sequencer 5 is a microprocessor-based system capable of electronically switching a maximum of eight sample streams between four analyzers. Time-sharing of analyzers lowers both acquisition and ongoing maintenance and reagent costs while providing performance advantages.

The Sample Sequencer 5 is capable of operating in a continuous or batch mode. The analyzer outputs are connected to the sequencer where various individual stream signal outputs are available, including:

  • Digital outputs for point number indication
  • Individual stream analog output signals with track and hold
  • Digital transmission via TCP/IP Ethernet connection
  • Embedded security protocols

Time-sharing samples help eliminate errors between analyzers and provide a precise comparison of relative values between four or more streams. For example, alternating between condensate polisher inlet and outlet, a single sodium analyzer can resolve the onset of exhaustion with fractional ppb precision. The onset may otherwise be masked by the normal range of variation with independent analyzers.

Colorimetric analyzers are subject to upscale zero drift due to cell fouling. Time-sharing samples permit visual inspection by identifying relative zero and exposing zero shift when both values migrate upscale by equivalent amounts. Relative zero can be re-established without servicing the analyzer.

Individually programmable sample timers and custom sequences allow the sequencer to conform to each unique sampling requirement. A built-in data logger stores values on a removable SD memory card. Any sample points not being used can time-share up to four analyzers.

An easy-to-use touchscreen display shows user configurable sample names and analyzer descriptions; analyzer readings displayed in engineering units; and the status of each analysis.


  • Improves efficiency – sequences up to four analyzers from one interface
  • Eliminates errors between analyzers and helps keep reagent costs to a minimum
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface and easy-to-use icons let user manage streams simply and quickly
  • MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet connection allows user to interface directly with a network server or laptop computer for remote monitoring of one or more sequencers
  • Increased valve current enables greater flexibility when selecting compatible solenoid valves
More Information
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X, IP 65
Maximum Number of Analyzers 4
Input Power 100–240 Vac, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Number of Samples 8
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