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Sentry PathTect Sampler

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Sentry PathTect

The Sentry PathTect continuous sampling device obtains representative samples for pathogen detection from beef trim lines. The sampler uses a standard MicroTally™ sheet contained in a reusable cassette located at the discharge of the trim line to the combo box. Each piece of trim touches the MicroTally sheet and inoculates it with any pathogen that is present. The inoculated sheets are easily retrieved from the cassette and sent on for testing.

The Sentry PathTect sampler provides a reliable, safe and easy-to-use method of obtaining representative samples. No sharp tools are required to obtain a sample, and the entire process takes only a fraction of the time required to perform a traditional N60 or N60+ type sample. There is no staging of combo boxes for sampling. The sampling process is continuous and can be coordinated with the normal movements of combo boxes reducing time in the overall process. And because each piece of beef trim has an opportunity to inoculate the sample sheet, sample results are more reliable than other methods.

The process and the equipment have received USDA approval in the form of a letter of no objection.1

The baseplate and cassette holder are made of 304 stainless steel, while the two-piece cassette is composed of FDA food grade polyacetal (POM), with a heat deflection temperature rated up to 203°F (95°C).


  • Continuous sampler with MicroTally swab
  • Passive sampler does not require an operator to collect meat from a combo box
  • Passive sampler does not require the use of sharp tools to collect sample
  • Sampler cassette takes less than a minute to prepare and load

1: USDA Approval Letter of No Objection

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