Sentry RX Automatic Strip Sampler

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Sentry RX

The Sentry Model RX sampler takes a strip sample of free-flowing materials from drop chutes, bins, hoppers, pipes, or air slides. Samples can also be drawn from positive or negative, horizontal or vertical dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. The RX takes a sample when a solenoid-controlled air cylinder extends a sampling tube into the process line. While in line, the tube is continually taking sample and simultaneously discharging it to the collection point.

With representative sampling, characteristics of each sample match that of the entire lot or batch—so samples are repeatable, leading to accurate sample analysis data. Automatic sampling ensures a sample can be easily and safely obtained with no need for direct human interface or interference. This ensures sample integrity as well as operator safety.

Suitable for: Pellets, powders, granules, grain, seed, and friable materials


  • Compact and low maintenance
  • Designed to eliminate product degradation
  • No moving parts in conveyance of sample to container keeps consistent product characteristics
  • Rugged Stainless Steel construction
  • Optional sample tube materials for abrasive or non-free-flowing product
  • Controllers and remote operating modules available in a variety of configurations
  • Available in a model that is conformant to ATEX Standards (through third party verification)
More Information
Materials 300 series stainless, Aluminum Cylinder, PTFE, UHMW-PE, White Nitrile
Particle Size 10 μm - ¼" (6 mm); larger sizes upon request
Process Temperature -10°F to 175°F (-23°C to 79°C)
Maximum Process Pressure Up to 30 psig
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