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Sentry PR

The Sentry PR Automatic Point Sampler utilizes automated sampling technology to sample within process streams. Samples can take the form of granules, powders, flakes, or pellets and are sampled from systems that both push and pull the flow.

The Sentry PR sampler's air cylinder moves a device to take the sample (called a "probe") into the process stream. Next, a flexible hose sends the bulk solids material to a collection point. Finally, the sample controller sets the amount of fluid used for the sample. The material's makeup is not affected by the sampler because no moving parts carry the sample material to its container.

This technology makes the system easier to service and improves the sampling user experience.

The representative sampling process ensures that the makeup of each sample matches that of the entire process stream. This trait is significant because it ensures that samples are repeatable and accurate.

Automated sampling technology ensures that system technicians can get a sample quickly and safely, with no need for direct human involvement or contact.

Overall, this process delivers a high-quality sample while protecting the operators' safety.


  • Sample probe can enter and leave the process stream, protecting the sample container from the total pressure of the system fluid, improving safety
  • The sample tube captures a fixed amount of samples, creating a more repeatable process and better user experience
  • Rapid cycling takes a large number of samples over a short time, improving the efficiency of the sampling process
  • Standard purge port assures full sample discharge. This feature avoids mixing of samples from different cycles
  • Stainless steel construction, a durable and robust material that resists corrosion from water
  • Controllers and remote operating modules are available in a variety of configurations. These components improve the user experience and allow the operator to control the sample from further away
  • More durable sample tube materials are available to service harsh or non-free-flowing fluid
  • Available in a model that follows the industry standard ATEX (through third-party verification)
More Information
Materials 300 series stainless, Aluminum Cylinder, PTFE, UHMW-PE, White Nitrile
Particle Size 10 μm - ¼" (6 mm)
Process Temperature -10°F to 175°F (-23°C to 79°C)
Maximum Process Pressure Up to 30 psig standard, up to 100 psig with special seal arrangement
Instrument Air Required 60 to 80 psi, 81 in³ per inch of stroke
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