Sentry MGC GasGrab Manual Gas Concentration Sampler

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Sentry MGC Sampler

The Sentry MGC manual low emission sampler is ideal for representative sampling of hazardous or toxic chemicals, providing utmost safety to operators and the environment. This sampler allows the operator to extract a representative sample and use a hand-held testing tube device (sold separately from other suppliers) to test concentrations, while protecting the operator and environment from contact with the dangerous vapors.

The Sentry MGC sample panel collects a volume of sample gas and reduces its pressure to atmospheric pressure. Then, a gas detection tube is used to measure gas concentration. The gas detection tube requires that the gas remain at atmospheric pressure throughout the testing cycle, and the sampling system maintains constant pressure of the collected sample throughout the sample extraction process.


  • Safe and representative sampling of toxic gases such as H2S 
  • Designed to minimize fugitive toxic gas emissions, reducing exposure risk to the environment and operator 
  • Provides a representative sample at constant atmospheric pressure as required during the testing cycle 
  • Options include sample cooler, enclosures, heaters, galvanized pipe stand
More Information
Maximum Process Pressure 2500 psig at 300°F (172 barg at 167°C)
Process Temperature 300°F at 2500 psig (167°C at 172 barg)
Wetted Materials 316 SS, PTFE, (Viton or Kalrez)
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