Sentry ISOLOK API-PA Automatic Sampler

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The ISOLOK® API-PA sampler is an anvil piston instrument (API) probe sampler used in-line and specifically designed to handle the most demanding hydrocarbon liquid applications. The ISOLOK API-PA sampler employs a 180-degree pneumatic actuator and is ideally suited for sampling a variety of liquids, especially crude oil, condensate, and mixtures of oil and water. The ISOLOK API-PA sampler is ideal for installing where product is well mixed.

The pneumatically actuated ISOLOK API-PA sampler optimizes the accuracy and repeatability of hydrocarbon fluid sampling. The sampler offers superior performance and a long life, minimizing maintenance, accessories and service time needed.

The sampler’s 180-degree pneumatic actuator and scotch yoke design provide consistent performance over a wide range of air supply conditions and process pressure and viscosities.

The optional diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating protects the unit from abrasion and enhances resistance against H2S, mercaptans, SO2, mercury and more.


  • Provides a consistent fixed volume, employ a scotch yoke design, and features next generation seal design
  • Standard rate of 20 samples per minute; faster rates available
  • Available in standard 316 stainless steel wetted materials or Super Duplex steel for superior performance in demanding sediment or hydrogen sulfide applications
  • ATEX rated and complies with API 8.2, ISO 3171 and ASTM D 4177 standards
  • Probe lengths accommodate 4- to 52-inch diameter pipes
  • Options: Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating; ATEX rated and safe area controllers with touchscreen interfaces; receivers/constant pressure cylinders; weigh scales/level gauges; insertion & retraction tools; static mixers; switching valves; enclosures
More Information
Sample Volume 1 cc
Max Process Pressure 1480 psig (102 barg)
Process Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Wetted Materials 316 SS (optional Super Duplex)
Process Viscosity 0.5-8000 cP
Seal Material FKM/PTFE or FFKM/PTFE
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