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Steam and water analysis systems (SWAS) contain a variety of online chemistry parameter analyzers. The Sentry® GuardSA™ Smart Chemistry Alarms monitors the signals generated by these analyzers and provides intelligence in real time about what is happening and what steps need to be taken to resolve the chemistry event or analyzer issue.

GuardSA smart alarms utilizes EPRI smart alarms logic, AVEVA® data management system platform, and a touchscreen user interface. The application interprets the analyzer signals using EPRI smart chemistry alarm logic and provides alarms when actionable chemistry events occur. In conjunction with those smart alarms, the application provides intelligent analyzer trouble alarms signifying when a critical analyzer has an actionable issue. GuardSA smart alarms provides operator guidance on the nature of the problem and customized troubleshooting advice.

GuardSA smart alarms provides power plant operators the critical, real-time information they need to manage water chemistry confidently. By consolidating SWAS analyzer signals into an EPRI logic-based solution, the recognition and resolution of real chemistry events happens quickly, automatically and effectively.


  • GuardSA Control Module
  • GuardSA 60 I/O Module
  • GuardSA Remote Display


  • Data storage, 1 year +
  • EPRI smart alarms logic
  • Touchscreen monitor clearly displays information and is easy to navigate
  • Intuitive user interface for easy setup and configuration
  • User customizable guidance
  • Designed to manage most plant types information and is easy to navigate
  • Standard package can be used with up to three units with analyzer inputs provided in groups of 60, for up to 180 points
  • Analyzer inputs for all EPRI smart alarms plus auxiliary analyzer inputs for analyzers not associated with smart alarms
  • Alarm log
  • Chart recorder function
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Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X
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