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The Sentry Cobra SS manual liquid sampler allows for safe and straightforward petroleum and natural gas sampling. The sampler design ensures a representative sample through direct connections to your lines.

This Sentry low-emission sampler stands up to water corrosion and meets the highest quality and reliability standards required of petroleum sampling equipment.

All Cobra SS liquid sampling equipment uses a throttling sampling valve to reduce the speed of sample flow. Throttling your sample flow speeds reduces spillage, thus protecting the operator and the environment.

The coaxial needle design provides plenty of time for air and other gases to be vented. The coaxial needle system also reduces the risk of bent or broke needles. Consequently, the design ensures that the refinery process reduces how often the machines need to stop producing refining products. 

It is essential to assure representative sampling with the manual samplers' easy-to-use design and available service training. Additionally, step-by-step procedures are printed directly on the oil sampling equipment. These procedures make the equipment easier to use. However, our ProShield oil and gas service providers can answer any lingering questions if you get stuck.  

The Sentry Cobra SS Oil and Gas Sampler includes a multi-turn handle that permits precise flow control.

Oil and gas processes best suited for this low emission manual liquid sampler include:

  • Gasoline produced by refined end-product and distillation
  • Existing process applications on fluids that do not evaporate easy (low vapor pressure)


  • The equipment best samples low vapor pressure liquids (<18 psi) and low process pressure (<140 psi).
  • A flow-through valve allows the process fluid to flow at a constant speed.
  • Provides operators a low-emission representative sample that reflects the process.
  • The sampler helps companies meet all EPA and LDAR requirements
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