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Cobra FV

The Sentry Cobra FV sampler allows an operator to safely and efficiently collect a fixed volume of high-pressure liquids. The Cobra FV sampler is specifically designed to ensure a high quality fixed volume sample through the simplest and most reliable process possible. The sample valve allows each sample to be extracted quickly and easily while simultaneously purging the assembly with nitrogen, thus ensuring the cleanest possible sample is taken. The sampler can also be adapted to facilitate automatic sample extractions or composite samples.

The Cobra FV sampler offers the greatest level of reliability and ease of use. Each unit uses the Cobra-designed sampling valve, facilitating easy regulation by ensuring sufficient time for air and other gases to be expelled. A variety of accessories are available—from needle purge to cooling coils—so that the sampler can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the application.


  • Provides a low-emission, representative sample
  • Compliant with all EPA and LDAR requirements
  • Fixed volume chamber allows safe sampling of high-pressure liquids
  • Cobra flow-through valve allows constant representative process flow, allowing immediate sampling
  • Easy to operate and safe for the environment
  • Process sampling of low vapor pressure liquids (< 18 psia) and high process pressure (> 140 psi)
  • Step-by-step instruction tag and valve labels for simple operation
  • Side connections are labeled for ease of installation
  • Standard units come with our unique coaxial needle system which prevents bent and broken needles
  • Optional disposable captured vent canister available
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Wetted Materials 316 Stainless Steel (other materials available upon request)
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