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The Sentry Cobra DT closed loop sampler is designed to perform a detector tube measurement as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. The Cobra DT sampler is designed with safety in mind, with a high-pressure regulator providing operators with a means to lower pressure to a safe level before inserting the detector tube. The 1000 cc cylinder allows a large volume of gas to be chambered so the operator can draw a fresh sample through the detector tube allowing a representative measurement to be collected.

The key challenges in securing an accurate, representative sample are addressed while making the process itself simpler for the operator. Our unique Teflon detector tube fitting makes it easy to insert detector tubes and obtain a representative spot measurement. The sampler is ideally suited for use in the petrochemical, natural gas, and specialty gas industries.


  • Unique Teflon detector tube insert protects operator during sampling process
  • High-pressure regulator and pressure gauge allow operator to regulate pressure to safe range prior to sampling
  • Large volume chamber provides ample volume during draw through detector tube
  • Step-by-step instruction tag and valve labels for simple operation
  • Side connections are labeled for ease of installation
  • For gas applications, including toxic gases measured with detector tube
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Wetted Materials 316 Stainless Steel (Alloy 400 and other materials available upon request)
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