Sentry Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR)

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The Sentry Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR) is ideal for situations that require fine pressure adjustments, such as with varying distances between analytics or with varying analytical requirements. The ABPR combines the function of an adjustable back pressure regulator and a relief valve. Regulated pressure provides constant flow to analyzers, with excess bypassed to the sink as sample.

Most commonly used relief valves cause pressure spikes when they operate and are prone to leaking due to deposits formed around the seal. With the Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator, as long as sample pressure is above the minimum setpoint, there always will be flow from the exhaust port. The exhaust of the ABPR is constantly flowing, preventing deposits. Plus, the adjustable setpoint allows fine tuning of sample flow rates. The relieving capacity exceeds that of most commonly used 1/4-inch relief valves.


  • Designed specifically for power plant sample flow rates
  • Most effective way to assure constant flow through online analyzers
  • Less prone to plugging and sticking than a pressure-reducing valve
  • Will not wire draw or erode in normal service
  • Adjustable setpoint within a range of 5-60 psig
More Information
Regulated Pressure 5-60 psig (Adjustable)
Process Temperature -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C)
Wetted Materials 316 SS and Viton
Process Connections 1/4 in FNPT
Relieving Capacity Dependent on pressure and flowrate
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