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During the many decades a power plant can operate, critical cycle chemistry controlling analysis and conditioning equipment can undergo multiple process changes and become obsolete. Steam and water analysis systems often do not need a complete redesign but rather, updated to safe, efficient sampling practices and state-of-the-art technologies.

Sentry Equipment’s experience in engineering and integrating these complex sampling systems can now benefit your site’s existing sample panels and online chemistry analysis needs.

ProShield installation and retrofit services include:

  • Repairs, replacement, and upgrades of existing conditioning equipment
  • Additions to improve Temperature, Pressure, and Flow Verification
  • Replacement of obsolete analyzers 
  • Sample tubing runs, design, engineering, and heat trace
  • Equipment consolidation and restructuring to support current sample conditioning practices 
  • Education to operations and/or maintenance teams on modified equipment and sequencing improvements
  • Automation, remote monitoring, and future-proofing of critical communications protocols
  • Consultation on different chemistry programs and sampling best practices.

Sentry Equipment’s team of service technicians, installation coordinators, product support specialists, and application engineers are ready to custom design updated solutions for your existing sampling equipment.  

By acting as a brand inclusive OEM, Sentry Equipment ensures shop-level quality cycle chemistry sampling and SWAS maintenance while maintaining a specific record of all iterations of your equipment.

Our experts also help install, commission, and train site personnel to operate the equipment to meet your needs efficiently. And all installations and retrofits are built with the same quality products Sentry Equipment has manufactured in America for more than 97 years.

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9 Mistakes To Avoid In Your SWAS Specs

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