ProShield Call-Out Service

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ProShield Field Service

Maintaining reliable, efficient sampling requires a hands-on approach. Our factory authorized technicians protect your investment from installation to equipment shutdown. Operators deserve the peace-of-mind that they can safely operate their sampling equipment and systems. ProShield Call-Out Service covers on-site service in one or all of the following forms:

Reactive Field Service

Our reactive field service includes troubleshooting, on-site assessments, repairs or replacement parts, electrical diagnostics, verification and certification. All service is done to ensure a single sampler or your full sampling and analysis system is up and running as fast as possible. Our distributed field service team can be on-site quickly anywhere in the continental U.S. with factory OEM parts when a problem needs immediate attention.

Unscheduled Preventative Maintenance

Our technicians troubleshoot your sampler or sampling system to ensure correct pressures, temperatures and velocities are met. Using a quality representative sample, they verify and calibrate the online instrumentation to ensure the accuracy of the readings. Lubrication, cleaning and tightening connections will help identify potential failures before they occur. By doing preventative maintenance, you reduce future repair costs, extend asset life, ensure productive environments, and promote employee health and safety. At the end of the visit, the technician will generate a thorough report detailing all services performed, all parts and consumables used, and the condition of the equipment and/or analyzers.

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