Portable Sump Caddy

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Portable Sump Caddy

Extend the life of your industrial fluids and streamline your waste processing operations without taking up a large footprint on your shop floor.

Sentry’s easy-to-maintain SmartSkim Tramp Oil Sump Caddy ensures your equipment’s longevity and team safety by removing free-floating tramp oils from wash tanks, coolant systems, and other industrial processes. This tramp oil separator requires minimal maintenance, is easy to move, runs on plant air, and can be sued as a part of any coolant recycling system, making it the most versatile SmartSkim product.

Sentry’s portable sump cleaner comes with many features that you would expect from a CoolantLoop system – floating skimmer (slotted pipe), 3 gallons per minute processing, etc. – keeping you from having to choose between function and affordability.


  • Removes particulates that can damage your coolant lines and tooling
  • The system can be used as part of a coolant recycling system/sump sucker program
  • Improved parts quality due to the elimination of tramp oils and particulates
  • Eliminates labor-intensive and inefficient skimming processes


  • Includes Slotted Pipe Suction Skimmer with quick connects (other skimmers available where required)
  • Filter housing for particulate removal with optional rare-earth magnetic separator

  • Starter pack of 100-micron and 250-micron filter bags

  • Diaphragm pump with poly body and Viton internals

  • Easy-to-move durable steel cart with industrial rubber caster wheels and stainless steel push handle

  • 10’ each of both suction and discharge hoses with quick connect for suction skimmer

  • A fluid processing rate of up to 3 gallons per minute

More Information
Wetted Materials 304 SS, Polycarbonate, and Viton
Process Temperature 250°F (121°C)
Max Process Pressure 30 psig (2 barg)
Flow Rate 3 gpm

Oil Separators

Sentry SmartSkim oil separators are designed to extend the life of your equipment by removing floating oil from various sources such as wash tanks and coolant sumps. From our compact V Series to the robust CF20 Model, Sentry oil skimmers are available for a variety of applications and operations.

Our team of oil separator manufacturers and engineers has developed an Open Channel coalescing technology that reduces plugging and is easy for manufacturers to maintain. These configurations were designed with various applications in mind, including water soluble, semi-synthetic & synthetic coolants, and are backed by years of industrial fluid separation experience.

Sentry SmartSkim oil skimmers are constructed to reduce waste volumes by up to 90%. This reduction comes from its long-lasting stainless steel construction and patented open channel backplate system. Removing plastic media, filters, or consumables of any kind ensures that uptime is maximized and cross-contamination is minimized.

Each product within this category is designed to meet your specific oil separation needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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