Sentry Tri-Float Floating Suction Skimmer

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Sentry Trifloat

Manage your more significant industrial fluid control needs with a floating suction skimmer.

Sentry’s easy-to-maintain SmartSkim Tri-Float Floating Suction Skimmer allows various applications to manage fluid waste effectively. This floating oil separator works best for storage tanks, sheltered harbors or docks, petrochemical storage tanks, and large manufacturing operations.

The Sentry Tri-Float’s floating surface skimmer is designed with your operators and maintenance personnel in mind. Each skimmer has an adjustable inlet weir for fine or deep skimming, an easy-to-lift design, and an adaptable concept for a wide range of skimmable fluids.


• Designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance
• Available in 6” and 9” float sizes to accommodate various applications
• It can be used with virtually any coolant or cleaner


• The three float heads allow for ample surface coverage
• Stainless steel design maximizes equipment longevity
• Mini Dimensions – 14”x14”
• Mega Dimensions – 23”x22”

More Information
Wetted Materials 304 SS and Polycarbonate
Process Temperature 150°F (66°C)

Floating Skimmers

Sentry SmartSkim floating skimmers are a trouble-free solution for manufacturers to remove free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils. Each of Sentry’s floating skimmers is designed to meet the specific needs of your industrial applications.

Our oil skimming manufacturers and engineers have developed these oil water skimmers to match your fluid levels or set your exact depth to accommodate aggressive surface skimming. Each design is mounted in the process tank or on the edge of the tank to maximize its effectiveness. Connection kits are also available to aid in installation.

Sentry SmartSkim floating skimmers are constructed to be long-lasting and low maintenance with stainless steel construction and reduced additions. Hoses, belts, disks, and drums are not a part of the design to avoid unnecessary repair and clogs.

Each product within this category is designed to meet your specific oil skimming application. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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