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Single Line Sample Panel

Sentry single line sample panels are pre-piped assemblies used to simplify the conditioning of steam, water or non-hazardous process samples. With the addition of cooling water, safe and representative samples can be obtained from individual sampling sites that are remotely located throughout the plant or from a small number of samples in a central location.

There are two versions of Sentry single line sample panels — one for grab samples only (SL100) and the other for both grab samples and to condition the sample for on-line analysis (SL200).

Sentry single line panels can be mounted in a variety of rack configurations to create custom sample systems. Both the freestanding and wall mountable racks come with full-width worktable sinks and pre-piped cooling water headers to reduce installation time and cost.

Whether an individual single line sample panel or an integrated rack, solutions are completely engineered to meet the application requirements.


  • Low pressure models (SL100L & SL200L) are appropriate for samples up to 500 psig at 450°F (34 barg at 232°C)
  • High pressure models (SL100H & SL200H) handle samples up to 3030 psig at 1000°F (209 barg at 538°C)
  • High pressure panels rated up to 5000 psig (345 barg) are available upon request
  • Individual single line panels or multipanel racks can be customized to meet your specific requirements
  • Complete mechanical and electrical systems with full documentation are available
  • Add an analyzer or other analysis product
  • Create a complete sample system with analyzers and conditioning on the same rack
  • Use the back side of a freestanding floor rack to mount analysis equipment
  • Combine critical conditioning and analysis on a portable skid
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Single Line Conditioning Modules

Simplify the conditioning of steam, water, or non-hazardous process samples. Single conditioning modules provide signal conditioning for many types of signals. This improves the overall sampling process. There are fully integrated sample analysis packages for water, degassed cation conductivity, and steam available through Sentry Equipment.

If you have any questions about the right single-line conditioning module for your desired application, please contact our team of engineers for more information. Sentry Equipment has industry-leading service and support for our clients through our technical support team.


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