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Sample Conditioning Automation

Sample Conditioning Automation

Automate sample flow, sequence multiple samples, and improve efficiency and eliminate errors.

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  1. Sentry Manifold Switching Valve
    Sentry Manifold Switching Valve
    Designed specifically for use in sequencing multiple samples to a single analyzer.
  2. Sentry W5000 Multi-Stream Sample Sequencer
    Sentry W5000 Multi-Stream Sample Sequencer
    Multi-stream sequencer is used to share analyzers among multiple sample streams.
  3. Sentry Sample Sequencer 5
    Sentry Sample Sequencer 5

    Reduce capital and operating costs by time sharing on-line analyzers.

  4. Sentry Sample Sentry II
    Sentry Sample Sentry II

    Fully automated sample conditioning system providing automatic startup, flow control and shut down.

  5. Sentry AutoVREL Flow Controller
    Sentry AutoVREL Flow Controller

    Allows users to automate new or existing sample panels.

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