Sentry Cobra C Manual Gas Sampler

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Cobra C

The Sentry Cobra C manual gas sampler collects representative samples from gas and liquid short-chain hydrocarbon applications.

This emission-free sampler uses a multi-ported valve. This valve simplifies the process of taking a sample. Additionally, it keeps the sample's integrity and handles environmental risks.

The Cobra C sampler is ideal for oil and gas applications, refinery processes, and natural gas usage. However, the processes should meet LDAR and MACT requirements for the best results.

A stainless-steel cylinder rated for the Department of Transportation (DOT) collects the samples for safe product transport. Additionally, the cylinder disconnects, providing a simple removal process that does not require tools. This quick-disconnect offers a low-maintenance solution for your downstream oil and gas requirements.

This oil and gas sampling equipment mitigates spillage and creates zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, thus keeping sample contamination levels minimum.

The Cobra C manual sampler comes with various options to meet your application needs. This matrix helps you choose the best option to maximize your sampling program. 


  • The Cobra C collects liquid or gas samples in a Department of Transportation rated stainless steel cylinder.
  • Samples flow in different directions depending on the application.
    • Gas samples flow from top to bottom of the sample cylinder to remove any leftover material in your oil and gas processes.
    • Liquid samples flow from bottom to top, flowing against the outage tube to condense the vapor for collection.
  • The multi-port sample valve allows a single sample to bypass operation for a constant, representative process flow.
  • Quick disconnects make installation and maintenance of the sample cylinder easy.
  • Additionally, step-by-step instructions are present on tag and valve labels for simple operation and maintenance. Connections are also labeled for the same reason.
  • Cylinder guides stabilize the sample cylinder.
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Wetted Materials Stainless Steel; Alloy 400 (other materials available upon request)
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Low Emission Samplers

Maximize safety to the operator and the environment with simple, accurate low-emission samplers. This manual oil and gas sampling equipment is best suited for liquid, gas, and mixtures. These combinations exist in petrochemical, chemical, and refinery processes in which protecting the operator is critical.

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