Sentry Saf-T-Vise Insertion Tools

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Sentry Saf-T-Vise Insertion Tools

Sentry Saf-T-Vise Insertion Tools

Sentry Saf-T-Vise insertion tools are used to insert and remove corrosion coupon holders, injection & sample quills, or chemical injection nozzles & atomizers into high-pressure applications—without shutting down the system.

While competitive tools can weigh five times as much, Saf-T-Vise insertion tools are light enough for a single operator. In addition, these tools are strong enough to perform as intended.

Saf-T-Vise insertion tools are designed to make insertion and removal of corrosion monitoring devices safe, easy and fast in high-pressure applications.


Saf-T-Vise insertion tools insert a multi-purpose tool holder into a pressurized system. The insertion tool is used only during the installation or removal processes and can be removed once that operation has been completed.

Their removability allows a single device to service multiple installations, reducing the operating cost of monitoring the process for corrosion. In addition, the operator can work from a stable and secure position beside the tool, which can be inserted from any location.




pressure rating (MOP)



5000 psi at 100°F (345 bar at 37.8°C)


side crank

10,000 psi at 100°F (689 bar at 37.8°C)


side crank

≤ 30 in travel: 5000 psi at 100°F (345 bar at 37.8°C)

> 30 in travel: 3000 psi at 100°F (206 bar at 37.8°F)


  • Constructed of lightweight, high-strength materials that serve heavy-duty applications with reduced handling burden
  • Able to be rebuilt for multiple uses/installations
  • Non-telescoping design to improve assembly
  • Mechanical retraction for bent or damaged rods
  • Can be mounted in any position to make operation easier
  • Reusable and portable—one tool can serve multiple corrosion monitor insertions
  • STV-T1: Integral travel tube doubles as safety cap, and an optimized gear ratio delivers faster insertion and removal
  • STV-T4: Designed with a grease fitting for smooth operation and extended component life
  • STV-T5:
    • Snap-in collet sets streamline use with multiple sizes of tubes and rods
    • Open-in-place collet sets and removable link block allow easy connection to and removal from Saf-T-Vise holders
    • Sealed gears and bearings eliminate pinch points and reduce maintenance, improving operator safety while reducing system operating cost
    • Optional rod support guide stabilizes long rods/shafts during insertion and retraction for rod/ shaft lengths up to 20 feet
    • Quick-release swivel handle with hex drill chuck post to simplify installation
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