Corrosion Monitoring

Safely treat and protect your pipelines with a complete portfolio of insertable chemical injection atomizers, corrosion coupon holders, injection and sample quills, ER/LPR probes and more. The Saf-T-Vise patented design ensures operator safety and ease-of-use—in both low and extreme high pressure conditions. 

The Beginner's Guide to Representative Sampling

Guide to Representative Sampling

Learn the many benefits of representative sampling and get answers to your representative sampling questions

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Chemical Injection

Atomizers that are hand insertable (low pressure) or mechanically insertable (high pressure) into your pressurized system.

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Probes & Coupon Holders

Mount coupon holders or insert probes in a pressured pipeline in any orientation with extended insertion lengths of up to 20 feet for hard-to-access applications.

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Insertion Tools

Save money with a multi-purpose tool holder mounted into a pressurized system that can insert and retract multiple installations.

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Corrosion Samplers

Collect and quantify particulate and ionic matter circulating in the secondary piping of nuclear power plants and condensate/feedwater systems of fossil-fueled plants.

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