Sentry Variable Check Automatic Sampler

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The Sentry Variable Check sampler is a point sampler that traverses a solid product flow stream to capture product and moves the product out of the process by means of a center-less auger, keeping the product intact. A large, customizable aperture in the sampling tube allows accurate sampling from lines that produce product of different sizes or at different flow rates.

The sampler provides repeatable, statistically representative samples for the most demanding quality processes and pathogen testing. Operation and maintenance is made easy through accessible cleaning and repair from one access point in the process line.

Pairing with a Sentry SBC Controller or other PLC based system allows companies to program multiple product samples from process lines. Variables such as product size, aperture opening, auger speed and transverse time can be changed in a recipe format for different product runs.


With representative sampling, characteristics of each sample match that of the entire lot or batch - so samples are repeatable, leading to accurate data analysis. Automatic sampling ensures a sample can be easily and safely obtained with no need for direct human interference. This ensures sample integrity and operator safety.

  • Same side discharge for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Close tolerance between the auger and tube assures self-cleaning to help prevent cross-contamination
  • Larger diameter augers available for larger particle sizes
  • Insertion lengths starting from 6 inches (152 mm)
  • Product contact materials are 300 series stainless steel; food grade configuration available
  • CE compliant models available
  • Optional non-stick release coating
  • Explosion proof (XP) motor available
  • Custom mounting adapters for round, square or other shaped chutes or pipes
  • Center-less auger moves product without damage
  • Customizable aperture for sampling products of different sizes
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Materials 300 series stainless, Acetal, Aluminum Actuator, White Nitrile
Process Temperature -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C)

Point Samplers

Collect samples from one point in your process stream—best for homogeneous material.

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