Sentry ISOLOK MSC Automatic Fixed Volume Sampler

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The Sentry ISOLOK MSC automatic point sampler enables representative sampling of medium-viscosity products such as cream or single-strength orange juice. The ISOLOK MSC sampler delivers a fixed volume of sample with each cycle and includes direct mounting of wide-mouth labware plastic sample collection bottles (available in a variety of sizes). This sampler is conformant to 3-A Sanitary Standards (third-party verified) with a reliable, sanitary, easy-to-clean design with FDA-approved seals.

The sampler mounts onto the process line using a two-inch tri-clamp ferrule mount held with a clamp and gasket. Compressed air drives the sampler by forcing the plunger to reach into the process to capture a fixed volume of the material. Compressed air then acts on the opposite side of the piston to retract the plunger to a position that allows the sample to drop into a container. The operator is isolated from the process at all times by the sampler’s seal design, and the sample captured in the container is locked out from external influences to provide a truly representative sample.


  • Captures up to 14 cc of medium viscosity products such as cream or single strength orange juice
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for liquids or slurries up to 1,000 centipoise
  • Food grade elastomers for all process contact seals
  • FDA approved materials
  • ATEX-compliant models available
  • Conformant to 3-A Sanitary Standards through third-party verification
  • Options include port closures, line adapters, different container types, sampler enclosures (with or without heater), sample heating or refrigeration, optional materials of construction and seal choices for non-3A applications
More Information
Sample Volume 14 cc
Max Process Pressure 150 psig (10.5 barg)
Process Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Wetted Materials 316 SS
Seal Material Buna-N
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