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Ensure product quality with sampling

Sampling in the pharmaceutical industry provides many benefits. Pharmaceutical sampling equipment can determine product purity and makeup, ensure that a product meets customer requirements or specified regulations, verify appropriate moisture content, and confirm that chemicals are below their recommended level of volatility. Sentry delivers a variety of pharmaceutical sampling products to help you meet stringent standards, ensure quality, and improve the safety of your goods.


Designed for your needs – We offer samplers for use in reactors, dryers, pipes, tanks, and mixers, as well as samplers for corrosive applications.

Improve safety – Our models are designed and certified for sanitary use.

Specialized solutions – Our samplers can handle specialty materials such as Hastelloy. They also feature closed systems to ensure safety.

Maintain compliance – Accurately characterize industrial waste volumes and meet stringent regulatory requirements using validated methods for industrial waste effluent.

Want to know more?

Download our Guide to Representative Sampling to see how representative sampling in the pharmaceutical industry can help your operation. 

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