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Automatic Sampling: Your key to safe and efficient food & beverage processing

Automatic Sampling: Your key to safe and efficient food & beverage processing

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Nut Butter Sampling: Maximize Quality and Taste

Minimizing the amount of physical, chemical, and biological contaminants in nut butter while maximizing quality and tastes requires a consistent, repeatable sampling program. Nut butter producers and co-packagers look to representative sampling to maintain consistency, compliance, and variability in their processes.

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Maintain Quality Product at Every Processing Stage

From raw product to finished nut butter, regulations require regular chemical, physical and biological contaminants testing to ensure quality and consistency. However, due to the nature of nut butter processing, sticks, glass, water, and other cross-contaminants can enter processes at any time. Representative sampling at every processing stage minimizes cross-contamination and maximizes quality.

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Adapting Automatic Sampling to Produce Nut Butters

The nut butter industry is continuously changing to meet growing consumer demand and evolving diets. Co-package companies are often required by their customers to quickly adapt their manufacturing processes to keep pace with shifting tastes, requirements, and legislation.

Automatic sampling systems rapidly adapt to these new products and viscosity and help optimize sampling accuracy and repeatability while minimizing the risks associated with updating production processes.

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Protect Your Product from Cross-Contamination

Processed nut butters need to be uniform in viscosity, consistency, and free from contaminants. Representative sampling can help optimize quality and reduce human bias while ensuring the finished product is free of allergens and labeled to meet FDA standards.

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ProShield Lifecycle Services

Confidently keep your sampling equipment running with an installation that goes beyond an instrumentation, operation and maintenance manual. Our technical experts provide the insight that ensures your nut butter processes are continually met from installation to troubleshooting techniques.

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Nut Butters Sampling Solutions

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