Representative sampling and analysis empowers you to accurately monitor and measure processes for improved production efficiency, output and safety. With representative sampling products and services from Sentry, you can get the insight you need to confidently make strategic operational decisions.

We serve markets and customers around the globe to help them achieve safe, accurate and repeatable results.


Carefully monitor and manage your water chemistry with devices that provide real-time critical insights for your power plant.

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Hydrocarbon Processing

Hydrocarbon sampling is essential for gaining visibility into product but often doesn’t fit into refineries and plants. Bridge this gap with precise equipment coupled with maintenance and training services.

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Food & Beverage

Ensure confidence in your food and beverage representative sampling with equipment that is designed to provide reliable results in any unique application while meeting necessary regulatory requirements.

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Upstream & Midstream

Safely access pressurized process systems for corrosion monitoring, chemical injection or sample extraction. Obtain simple-to-use, proven devices and solutions that enable users to monitor needs.

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Running an efficient cement operation requires analysis of real-time data that can only be obtained through reliable and repeatable representative sampling equipment that stands up to a rugged environment.

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Improve the safety of your goods and ensure quality with pharmaceutical sampling equipment that delivers a variety of options to help you meet even the stringent standards.

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Deliver true representative sediment samples and analysis techniques with equipment that stands up to any abrasive media and empowers your company to accurately monitor and measure processes.

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Your Market

Obtain devices that are uniquely qualified to meet each of your specific needs - from standard models to fully custom-engineered systems.

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