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Is Your Sample Station Performing at its Peak?

Is Your Sample Station Performing at its Peak?

Increase efficiency with a free sample station audit by one of our Hydrocarbon maintenance professionals.


Safe, Reliable Hydrocarbon Processing

Sentry ProShield Lifecycle Services provide engineers, chemists, operations and maintenance personnel with the technical support they need to ensure maximum uptime of their hydrocarbon sampling stations. Our highly-trained, factory authorized service technicians apply over 90 years of technical expertise to help you maintain safe, reliable and efficient performance. We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure proper installation, maintenance, training, startup and safe operation of your process sample stations.

Lifecycle Services Inspection
Guardian Service Agreements

Sentry ProShield Guardian Service Agreements

Be Sentry Ready all the time by adding us to your team. Our Guardian Services technicians maintain a comprehensive database of your sample stations and components and can perform full program services to keep your stations in peak condition.

Cleaning, repairs, replenishing consumables, testing sample flow, component functionality, vent function, utility operation and temperature control systems. We’re on your team and ready to help.

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Call-Out Field Service

Sentry ProShield Call-Out Field Service

Maintaining reliable, efficient and safe sampling stations requires a hands-on approach. Ensure the performance and operational safety of your sample stations with Field Service from Sentry ProShield.

Our local technicians offer call-out services to ensure performance of your sample stations when you need it most.

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Install and Retrofit

Sentry ProShield Install And Retrofit

As your sample stations age, our technicians can perform operational evaluation and safety audits. They’ll recommend changes and perform any upgrades and repairs necessary to improve visibility to your process chemistry and ensure the safety of your operators and maintenance personnel.

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Training and Consulting

Sentry ProShield Training and Consulting

Give your team the knowledge they need to maintain an efficient, reliable and safe sampling program. Customized, on-site or offsite classroom style training will give your team the knowledge and technical insight to fully understand the maintenance and operation needs for sample station efficiency and reliability, while properly taking the necessary steps to ensure safety guidelines.

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Your Application. Anywhere You Need Us.

As a full service maintenance team, we are experienced at servicing multiple applications. The following are just some of the applications we have worked with:

  • Crude
  • Cracking (FCCU)
  • Hydrotreating
  • Finish Product
  • Desulfurization
  • Reforming
  • Alkylation & Isomerization
  • Coking
  • Downstream
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