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ProShield Guardian 12

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Guardian 12

Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your system operating at peak performance and has been proven to extend operational life. Sentry ProShield Guardian Service Agreements offer four levels of preventative maintenance support—from just 2 visits to 24 visits per year. The ProShield Guardian 12 plan is the most popular plan for plants that lack the personnel or capacity to maintain their sampling equipment for safety and operational efficiency.

As the only service provider trained and factory authorized for all leading analyzer brands, our technicians are uniquely qualified to keep your equipment and systems running reliability, accurately and safely.

You are assigned a dedicated local service technician with a clear understanding of your facility procedures and protocols. Our entire extended ProShield team can help with asset management and life cycle planning to ensure your plant equipment is upgraded or replaced before it impacts safety or operations. You'll have the peace of mind that comes with a team of skilled professionals looking out for your best interests.

Monthly operational inspections (12 times per year)

  • comprehensive maintenance using OEM or factory-certified parts & consumables 
  • calibrations and accuracy verifications
  • assurance testing and drift factor determination
  • reagent replenishment
  • application customizations for online instrumentation

One startup and commissioning service per year

  • evaluation of each component for optimal performance
  • reinstallation and calibration of components for absolute accuracy

One system shutdown service per year

  • lay up instruments and components per manufacturer recommendations
  • inspect components and valves for replacement while plant is down
  • up to two shutdown inspections per year

Value-added services

  • Sentry products covered under warranty for as along as service plan is followed
  • priority scheduling for unplanned service visits
  • 20% discount on unplanned service labor
  • comprehensive safety audit
  • customized training and consulting

Equipment condition report

  • receive a highly detailed analytics service and condition report after each visit including maintenance details, accuracy results and verifications
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