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Food Sampling Equipment and Solutions

Representative food sampling equipment is the only way to ensure accuracy in your food testing results. Our food sampling supplies are reliable and repeatable, from validating raw ingredients to quality testing at each key processing stage. With food sampling equipment, you can make strategic decisions that will improve efficiency, quality, and safety.

Webinar: How Representative Sampling Can Reduce Your Risk

Expanding regulations, foodborne illness outbreaks, and product recalls are intensifying the demand for food safety. The challenges in food production are growing more intense every year. Thankfully, Sentry food sampling solutions help you keep up.

Sampling for food safety should be mathematically representative. What’s more, you can prove and document your findings with these solutions to protect your process and facility.

Watch our recorded webinar that explains why automatic sampling is a necessity for meeting FSMA regulations. You will also learn how representative sampling helps improve food safety compliance.

Sentry food and beverage samplers and services help you ensure accuracy, so you can provide safe nutrition throughout the food supply chain for people around the world. 

Reduce food recall risks – Detect microbial contamination, including bacterial, foodborne viruses, or pathogens before distribution.

Improve quality – Test mixture, moisture, pH balance, acidity, and more.

Certify authenticity – Ensure accurate truth-in-labeling, export adulteration, and GMO conformity.

Identify chemical contamination – Investigate pesticide residues, environmental toxins, and much more.

Meet standards – Select Sentry samplers are conformant to 3-A Sanitary Standards (third-party verified) for dairy, as well as USDA, Canadian Grain, FGIS, and NOPA standards.

Increase sanitation – Sentry samplers have easy-to-clean, sanitary designs and FDA-approved seals.

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The Beginner's Guide to Representative Sampling

Guide to Representative Sampling

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Food and Beverage Automatic Samplers

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