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Welcome to our support portal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is my product's warranty?

    We warrant our products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials with conditions and limitations. View our standard warranty in detail to learn more about your coverage.

  2. What if I forgot my account password?

    On the home page, click on the "Log In" link. Under the "Registered Customers" section, click on "Forgot Your Password?". Enter the email address you used to register your account, the security image and click "Reset My Password". You will receive an email to reset your password.

  3. The items in my shipment are incorrect, what should I do?

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Our Return policy makes it easy to correct your order or receive a refund.

    • If you received extra items or incorrect items, please complete our RMA form or call us at +1-262-567-7256.

    • If you are missing items from your order, please complete our Warranty Claim Form or call us at +1-262-567-7256.

  4. How do I troubleshoot my TCU PLC?

    TCU PLCs have great troubleshooting guides right in the programming. To access the troubleshooting guide, go to the alarm screen and select the troubleshooting button. The screen shots will show the various components with red arrows to indicate areas that may be causing the PLC issue. Touch the desired arrow and the program will take you to another screen instructing you on how to troubleshoot the problem.

  5. How do I find my existing account number?

    Your account number can be located on a your invoice above your sold address. The account number will be alphanumeric. Or contact Customer Service to obtain your account number.

Latest Questions

  1. What products are available for direct online orders?

    Currently we only allow direct online orders for items in our parts & consumables catalog. Items available for order online can be found in the "Shop Parts" category. 

  2. How do I submit a credit application form for my company?

    Fill out our online Credit Application Form.

  3. Does Sentry offer the same range of solutions as Waters Equipment?

    Sentry offers more options and configurations than Waters Equipment.

  4. Can I still get spare parts for Waters Equipment Products?

    Yes. Spare and replacement parts for Waters Equipment components will continue to be available.

  5. I have a Waters Equipment SWAS solution. How can I get parts and service?

    You can order parts online or by contacting us. Our Sentry ProShield team can also service your Waters SWAS. Learn more about our service options.

  6. What products should I use to replace my Waters Equipment discontinued products?

    You can see the full list of Waters Equipment discontinued products and their replacements here.

  7. Will my Waters Equipment warranties still be in effect on discontinued products?

    Yes, your Waters Equipment products will still be warrantied under either our standard warranty terms or the negotiated warranty terms of your contract.

  8. Will my current quotes and proposals still be honored on Waters Equipment discontinued products?

    All pricing and terms on Waters Equipment quotes and proposals will be honored until the quote expiration date.

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