Retired Product Support

Retired Product Support - FAQ

  1. How do I purchase Accurate Tool products?

    Accurate Tool Co was acquired by Sentry Equipment in 2013. The product line was renamed to Sentry Saf-T-Vise and is available here

    You can see the full list of Accurate Tool Co discontinued products and their replacements here.

  2. Where can I find information on the Sentry TRB Sample Cooler?
    The Sentry TRB Sample Cooler has been replaced by the Sentry TRW Sample Cooler. The specification sheet for the TRB model is still available here.

    If you have additional questions regarding your TRB Sample Cooler, please contact us.
  3. Why is Sentry Equipment discontinuing certain Waters Equipment component products?

    The purpose of this consolidation is to offer the widest range of steam and water sample conditioning equipment and accessories available under one brand while making the selection, application, service and support of the equipment easier for the end user. The discontinuation will result in less variability in overlapping components, making system maintenance, repair and replacement much easier.

  4. Will my current quotes and proposals still be honored on Waters Equipment discontinued products?

    All pricing and terms on Waters Equipment quotes and proposals will be honored until the quote expiration date.

  5. Will my Waters Equipment warranties still be in effect on discontinued products?

    Yes, your Waters Equipment products will still be warrantied under either our standard warranty terms or the negotiated warranty terms of your contract.

  6. What products should I use to replace my Waters Equipment discontinued products?

    You can see the full list of Waters Equipment discontinued products and their replacements here.

  7. I have a Waters Equipment SWAS solution. How can I get parts and service?

    You can order parts online or by contacting us. Our Sentry ProShield team can also service your Waters SWAS. Learn more about our service options.

  8. Can I still get spare parts for Waters Equipment Products?

    Yes. Spare and replacement parts for Waters Equipment components will continue to be available.

  9. Does Sentry offer the same range of solutions as Waters Equipment?

    Sentry offers more options and configurations than Waters Equipment.

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