All for one. One for all.

“Being an employee-owner creates a sense that you’re a part of the solution and driving the company forward. It makes you believe that you can make a difference.”

– Joe Kreinus, Director of Applications Engineering and Customer Service

Sentry Equipment Corp is a proud employee-owned company, and we believe that employee ownership makes a difference. Employee-owners share in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which means we share in the benefits of our hard work, positive results and continual improvement and innovation. Each employee-owner takes a hands-on approach to getting to know our customers’ businesses, engineering solutions to deliver maximum value and back it up with prompt, reliable, long-term support.

Today, a "Retired CEOs" wall at Sentry Equipment commemorates our growing roster of those employee-owners. 

Read what our employee-owners have to say about working at Sentry.

Rick, Product Support Specialist

"Every day is a fresh new morning and new challenge. I love to help people and I like to learn about new applications and solutions. I learn as much from the customers as they do from me."

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Master Scheduler

"All the people I work directly and indirectly with are incredibly helpful and warm and make it a great place to be."

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Marcease, Director of Supply Chain Operations

"There’s a willingness to help everyone. I can approach anyone to get the information I need."

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In 1985, Sentry Equipment Corp owners Dick and Mary Henszey had the vision and foresight to ensure the company and employees would continue to thrive by shifting ownership of the company to employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Our ESOP is designed to secure the company’s and employees’ future. Unlike a potentially vulnerable pension, the ESOP requires active employee engagement and, if fruitful, provides an earned payout at retirement.

At its most basic level, an ESOP is a federally qualified retirement plan. The Sentry ESOP invests primarily in Sentry Equipment Corp stock and holds it in trust. As the company profits, so do the employee-owners, so there is an incentive to work effectively to increase profits. Every employee is a company owner, or stockholder. We also offer employee-owners additional retirement savings plans, such as a defined benefit pension plan or 401(k) plan, to supplement the ESOP.

“The transfer of ownership from a privately owned business to an employee-owned business has to rank as one of the most dramatic decisions in our history. Cooperation and teamwork among employee-owners will determine the future of Sentry Equipment Corp. The company could have belonged to someone else, but we’re betting on you, the people who are here now, and your successors.”

-        Mary Henszey

Why employee-ownership is good for customers

Our customers benefit from working with employee-owners committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. This unique dynamic fosters a culture that is manifested in accountability, responsiveness and commitment. 

Employees with a financial stake in their workplace care more, work harder and more effectively, and better serve customers. Our motto is “Every employee an owner, every customer a commitment,” and our employee-owners live this value in their treatment of customers.

“For me, the standout quality of Sentry Equipment Corp is the personal and individual attention they give to accounts.”

-        Sentry customer

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