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Ensure sample integrity and operator safety

Running an efficient cement operation requires analysis of controlled, real-time data that you can obtain only through reliable and repeatable representative sampling. With accurate monitoring and measuring, you can get the critical insights needed to control and optimize your process.

Sentry samplers for cement applications are designed for rugged environments to ensure your process samples are repeatable and reliable, every time. With our products and services, you can improve production efficiency, output and safety, while making strategic operational decisions with confidence. Cement

Validate process constituents – Sample cement in its many forms, including liquid and slurry, powder, clinker, slag and finished cement.

Designed for your industry – Our samplers can be used in any cement application, including raw and finished product, load-out and custody transfer. And they can be installed at any phase of the process, including gravity and/or freefall chutes, air slides, conveyor belts and pneumatic convey lines.

Manage and ensure quality - representative sampling and analysis ensures that products are being made according to specifications. Results can be trusted and operational decisions are made with confidence.

Want to know more?

Download our Guide to Representative Sampling to see how representative sampling can help your operation.  

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