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Sampling Applications for Safer Processes and Higher Quality Products

Sentry products are useful in a variety of sampling applications. Some sampling uses include steam and water, solid and powder, liquid and slurry, and even gas operations. Our sampling solutions ensure superior product quality and contribute to the safety of operators and other equipment. Use these sampling products to measure steam and water chemistry, sample bulk solids, and so much more. Contact us to learn more about our sampling equipment and to find out how representative sampling can improve your processes, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Steam & Water

Protect your operators and equipment by sampling and measuring your steam and water chemistry across a variety of high pressure, temperature and flow rate applications.

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Liquid & Slurry

Find automated sampling solutions that integrate with pipes, mixers, tanks and more serving both sanitary and industrial applications.

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Solid & Powder

Sample your bulk solids and powders with automated solutions for freefall, pneumatic conveying and more serving both sanitary and industrial applications.

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Safely sample high pressure vapors, gases and gas concentration with low-emission samplers.

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