Sentry TCU Sample Chiller

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Temperature Control Unit

Mechanical refrigeration and/or heating unit which controls final sample temperature to 77º ± 1°F (25º ± 0.5°C) A temperature control unit (TCU) provides controlled temperature water (coolant) to a group of secondary sample coolers in order to ensure closely controlled sample temperatures. Sentry temperature control unit (TCU) systems are pre-designed, pre-piped packages available in sizes from 3 to 15 tons, air or water-cooled.

With the Sentry TCU sample chillers, all components are easily accessible for service. Each undergoes a factory run-in under a range of heat loads. Measurements are taken of critical parameters and recorded for future reference.


  • Hot gas bypass provides heat capacity
  • Closed loop system eliminates corrosion problems
  • Designed for the high service water temperatures in power plant water chemistry
  • Cooling water at a precisely-controlled temperature with ± 1°F (0.5°C) accuracy
  • Self-contained with all necessary controls, pumping and refrigeration systems
  • Optional heater for additional warming capacity for subcooled samples
  • Local display provides quick operational snapshot
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Input Power 460 Vac, 3 ph, 60 Hz
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