Sample & Analysis Systems

Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) provide real-time data needed to control and optimize water chemistry within a utility plant. A complete, fully integrated Sentry system conditions, analyzes, identifies and quantifies chemical properties to help plants produce more output while protecting their equipment and operators.

Maximize the investment of your SWAS system and ensure your sample conditioning remains up and running with continuous maintenance and replacement parts. 

9 Mistakes To Avoid In Your SWAS Specs

9 Mistakes To Avoid In Your SWAS Specs

Create perfect fossil power plant SWAS specs every time

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Sentry Systems

Custom-engineered systems that meet the most demanding and unique customer requirements for leading energy companies worldwide. System solutions are available for plants with fossil fuel energy sources as well as nuclear power generation.

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Waters Equipment Systems

Pre-engineered systems that offer turnkey solutions for customers in North America with more standard requirements.

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